I’m a Catholic homeschooling mom of four boys, all of whom love Geography! Even the 3 year old, who points to anything on our world map and shouts “South America!”. I don’t consider myself an expert at all–I really did not start learning anything about geography til I started teaching my kids. I’m a learner just like them. We learn together–that’s the fun of homeschooling!

I started this blog to share what we’ve learned and to fill what I see as an unmet need–resources for the study of geography from a Catholic viewpoint. Right now we are focusing on the U.S. but who knows where else we’ll go? Starting with Florida, I plan on writing a unit for each of the 50 states. Will that take a long time? Yes, it probably will, since I have to fit writing in after our schoolwork is done and between laundry and dishes and all that other fun stuff. But it’s a labor of love. I plan on using these units with my kids and hope at least a few other people will benefit from them!


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