Yes, it’s been a while…

As commenter Patty stated, it’s been a long time (almost a year now) and I still only have the Florida unit for sale.

I would totally love to do more! California was next on my list, but the sad truth is:

the first unit has not sold very well.   😦

So many people have commented to me that they liked the Florida unit, think this is a great idea, would love to see more

units, etc….

Well, dear reader, if you would like to see more Catholic Geography units, please spread the word!

I need for the Florida unit to sell much better before I can write any more!

Please understand, my main motivation in writing the unit was because I felt there was something missing. I could not find a

geography curriculum that explored the richness of our faith through the history each state, as well as providing all the usual

“state facts” in an entertaining and engaging way.

But this unit took me 5 months to research and write, and anything that takes that much time from a busy homeschooling (and financially struggling) family

has got to prove worth the effort.

So either the Florida unit will be the only one I ever write, or God will see fit to bless this effort and send more customers to buy it! 🙂


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